Elm Program
from 3.5 years month old
12 class size
Centre Director

Typically catering to children from 3.5 years

This learning environment aims to support children to prepare for their transition into school.  Our small class size of 12 ensures that each child receives the attention that is required to give them the best possible start to their school lives.  While still implementing learning through play, children experience a clear structure and flexible routine.    This rich learning program, similarly to our other programs, is hands on and promotes children and educators sharing ideas.  The children will further develop their skills and have access to computers to further enhance their understandings as they make sense of the world around them.  The developmental and learning needs of each child are considered by their teacher and learning opportunities to support these are implemented.  School readiness is a focal point of the second half of the year where children will learn the skills that they need to make their transition into school easier, while we ensure a high quality of educational skills are built, we also ensure that each child;

  • is confident in their self-help skills
  • is familiar with their new school (we will assist working families in ensuring their child can attend school orientation sessions where possible)
  • takes increasing responsibility for their own belongings
  • understands the importance of road and bike safety
  • takes increasing responsibility for making healthy food choices
  • takes care when engaging in risk taking behaviours