Birch Program
1.5-2.5 years month old
12 class size
Centre Director

Typically catering for children who are 1.5 to 2.5 years

This learning environment caters to the curious and busy nature of the children.  While our children are still very much supported with trusting and caring relationships, they are encouraged to build their social development to include reciprocal play with their peers.  Our educators work to support each child’s increasing curiosity and need for active play.  Learning opportunities in this environment will support children’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical and language development.  Educators respect each child’s desire to be independent and provide opportunity that is unhurried to support these needs.  Our in depth understanding of developmental milestones that are typical to this age ensures programs that promote the best possible outcomes for children.  Attendance in this room is capped at 12 children to ensure interactions remain meaningful and supportive.