Our team consists of educators that are highly trained and passionate

Little Gems Early Learning carefully selects their educators with considerations to their early childhood qualifications, experience, and the passion they have in caring for and educating our children. Each educator is a valuable member of our supportive team and attends monthly professional development sessions to ensure best practice. Our educators are committed to excellence and aim to support each child to be confident and involved learners who feel safe, secure and supported.

Each of our teams are grouped together to complement each other in providing the highest quality of care and education for our children. Our Maple, Birch and Oak Programs consist of one Diploma trained leader and their gentle support educators, who hold a minimum of Certificate III in Education and Care services, while our Elm Program is led by a teacher who is holds a Bachelor of Education.

Our committed teams consist of the following;

Maple – 2 Educators
Birch – 3 Educators
Oak – 3 Educators
Elm – 1 Teacher and 1 support Educator

Little Gems Early Learning could not run without the cooperation of our wider team.

Our friendly Centre Director holds a Certificate III, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education, as well as aBachelor of Education (Early Childhood). With over 12 years’ experience in Early Childhood Education she leads her team to provide a high standard of care and education.

Our creative Centre Chef provides our children with nutritional meals throughout the day to ensure their growing bodies are fuelled with only the best.

Our supportive relief educators ensure that each member of our team take regular meal and rest breaks, enabling them to be the best educators they can be.